The new Android Computer MK802 was lauched at same time than ZERO Devices Z802

This device called MK802 hits the market at this moment. It's just a Mini Android Computer USB Stick size. A company called ZERO Devices, based in ShenZhen is the responsable of Z802, a really small device running Google Android 4.0 and with a 4GB NAND Flash memory inside. WiFi network and lots of "small" things.

MK802 - Android Computer

Just connect your MK802 (Z802) to your TV by HDMI port and start to enjoy Android 4.0 in HD. You can do everything that you want on your TV screen!

Transform a normal TV in a "Smart TV" with the MK802. Surf the web, download APK, watch videos, check your email or facebook, watch stream movies for free, play games, emulate old videoconsoles, listen music, find info about everything and everybody, open your MSN... everything with this small Android Computer.

Android Computer - MK802

  • What is the difference between MK802 and Z802?

First difference MK802 has really hard problem connecting by WiFi. Lots of users reported this problem. Sometimes the WiFi signal go and back, another times MK802 shows "excellent signal" but it does not want to connect. Sometimes after re-boot the product, we can connect correctly, but another times can not. This is a really problem, probably caused because the WiFi chip quality is not so good as Z802.

Second difference is, we found MK802 image was frozen more than one time while open some applications. But the most annoying is MK802 can not freshly play any youtube video (same for another stream videos). It always shows the image very slowed and needs to "load" again and again. We think it's not caused by the WiFi chip, just the processor can not play strongly the videos. ZERO Devices Z802 is total different, it can play online videos without any problem. This is a really important point.

Third point is about construction. Materials are not same quality and MK802 looks poorly designed while Z802 looks really strong. How much time so you want to use your new Android Computer? MK802 looks like about to break if we take it hard.

Another important difference. ZERO Devices Z802 has a authenticity card in the box. On this card you can find an unique number and register your product online. After do this, you are able to download manuals and firmware from manufaturer's website: ZERO DEVICES

MK802 Android Computer - Zero Devices Z802

We are sure more differences can be found between original and cloned, of course, we just can recommend the original one.

  • Where can I buy this Android Computer?

MK802 is on sale at Aliexpress, one of the most famouse worldwide "scammer's paradise". Z802 can be bought in that electronics shop near your home or in a local website. If anyway you want to buy cheap from china (the original of course), you can buy at: AsiaPads

  • Are there another options?

Of course, ZERO Devices has launched its ZERO Devices Z900 and now ZERO Devices Z902.